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USRA Coalition Who We Are

Who We Are

Research shows there is a direct connection between mental health and substance abuse. Turning to drugs or alcohol often begins as a misguided coping strategy that can, in some cases, spiral into problematic use and addiction. Promoting wellness and mental health awareness provides an opportunity to build resilience. Increasing protective factors such as problem-solving, conflict resolution, collaboration, building an emotional vocabulary, and enhancing self awareness gives the youth in our communities ways to understand their struggles, feel validated, and leads to healthier life decisions.

USRA Coalition What We Do

What We Do

We provide funding, programming and resources to Northern Highlands Regional High School, as well as to the middle schools in Allendale and Upper Saddle River. Priorities have included mental health, vaping and opioids.

USRA Coalition Our Community

Our Community

Learning and working with other local coalitions, our intent is to make Upper Saddle River and Allendale safe and drug-free. Whenever possible, we expand our programming to include the entire quad district.


drug-related deaths occured
in the US in 2021

1 of 6

teens admit to taking prescription
drugs to get high


increase in risk of future opioid
misuse after high school when
opioids are used in high school


people die everyday in the US
from opioids


of adolescents have had a mental
health disorder at some point in
their lives


of high school seniors
in 2019 reported
binge drinking


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