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Parent Program for the Quad District

May 6 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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Vaping’s youngest victim was just 15 years old! Surgeons have done doublt-lung transplants on patients as young as 18! Let’s protect your family.

Remarkably, both the CDC and U.S. Surgeon General have called TEEN VAPING an EPIDEMIC. Although fatal incidents are rising and health concerns are mounting, more and more teens are vaping every day. Schools, health officials, and even Vape Manufacturers are struggling to gain control over this very real -and very dire- threat to your children. Yet one key piece has been missing….YOU! A dedicated team of experts and concerned officials has been assembled to defend your children against this new threat, and we need your help. Please make arrangements to join us at this critical limited-opportunity event.

Is your child’s future worth the time it would take to watch one episode of your favorite show?

Life-crushing addiction, cancerous toxic exposure, pulminary impairment, fatal lung dammage and inadvertent use of dangerous illicit drugs are only a few of the consequences linked to teen Vaping. Powerful environmental forces are pulling your children towards this life-altering habbit. They need our help, and you need to know more.

While EVERY PARENT needs to be concerned about this trend, no parent needs to be SCARED. The comforting solution to this problem is your informed involvement. The only thing to fear is a lack of knowledge, and in just 90 minutes, our team will fix that. Learn why health officials, pediatricians, police officers, teachers and even Vape Industry Leaders are trying to keep your kids away from Vaping. Join our efforts and help ensure our success!

Our nationally-recognized expert instructor has spent over twenty years protecting families from the threat of teen drug use. His energized presentations have been to delivered in over a dozen states, to more than 500,000 audience members. A frequent conference keynote and media consultant, Tim Shoemaker’s wit, charm and sincerity guarantee an enjoyable and enlightening experience. The multi-thousand dollar Vape Museum will be on display, where you can get up-close and personal with the latest in Vaping Paraphernalia and concealment devices.

A thin vail of harm-reduction and commercial propoganda has effectively suppressed your awareness of the very clear and debilitating consequences of Teen Vaping. It’s time we broke through that. Your child is worth it. We’re fighting for them. Join us.

Additional topics of Problem Drinking and other preventative concerns will be discussed as well. Don’t forget to post your attendance on social media!!

Register here: usracoalition.eventbrite.com


May 6
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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